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NB: You can only apply for allotments in Worthing if you are a resident of Worthing - if you live outside the boundary line (e.g. Lancing or Sompting) then you cannot apply and should see the council web site for the Adur area. Findon Valley is inside the boundary, Findon is not (contact your parish council). Ferring comes under Arun council.

There are eight sites in Worthing, located here:

Humber Avenue is still managed by the local council so you should contact them.

All other sites are managed by WAM so you can email the membership secretary to join the waiting list, with the application form as a attachement, or download it to fill in and post. Here is a Word version.

The length of the list will vary by site and smaller sites wil obviously have fewer vacancies per year. You can, if you wish, choose one large site and one small site nearest to your home and apply for both. West Tarring and Chesswood are much larger than all the others.

NB: Our allotments are measured in rods. A rod is an ancient measure and actually a square rod, or 16.5 ft x 16.5 ft ( = 272.25 square ft). The most common size is five rods, equivalent to roughly 150 square yards or 125 square metres. Our present rates are £8 per rod so a standard five rod plot is £40 per year. We have some smaller and some larger plots and a few mini-plots for beginners. Allotment sizes include half of any surrounding paths. If you are over 65 years of age you will receive a 30% discount.

Accessible plots

We have a very limited number of accessible plots to cater for physical disablities. If you think you qualify then complete this form and we will be in touch (Word version here).

While you are waiting....

Worthing Borough Council run a Community Green Spaces scheme so you might wish to look into that.