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Water is our most expensive luxury on site - we pay for every drop so please use it wisely, which will keep rents down.

Water individual plants thoroughly but avoid watering the whole bed. That wastes water and encourarges weeds.

Encourage plants to go down looking for water with deeper roots - don't water lightly at the top but wait until they are dry then water deeply. If you water too often roots stay on the surface.

For tomatoes, melons, raspberry canes etc you can sink a plastic pipe into the ground that goes down below root level and water in there - that way water never gets wasted on surface weeds.

Mulch around plants to keep water from evaporating. Weed well to keep out competition.

Use screens or windbreaks to reduce drying winds.

Remember, before you build a greenhouse or poly tunnel, you have to water a lot more if rain doesn't get through, so maybe you should also use gutters and barrels to save some nearby? Worthing alloment sites don't allow the use of hoses, and you need to allow for that.